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For those coming here and wondering what it's all about - well in a nutshell it's about this ebay scammer called Amir Tofangsazan who sold a broken laptop and thought he got away with it... 4 million site hits between this and the parent site (dormant for over a month now) and we're still waiting for the little toe sucker to make good. Probably the easiest way to understand things is to click on the picture on the left and see what Wikipedia has on on the big text to see the current Wikipedia stuff, anyway, I'm just trying to make this site as interesting as possible for daily visits until Amir raises his perverted thieving head again!
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LATEST, LATEST, LATEST UPDATE (thanks again to Von) link

LOOKS LIKE THE LITTLE THIEVING SHIT MOVED ONTO BIGGER SCAMS! - I'll try and get some more info but if any of you have a friendly journalist friend they can apply for the court documents here. Thanks to 'anonymous' for the tip. If you click on the earliest archive on the right you can get a good idea of what this guy was all about. He was even interviewed on BBC radio were he denied everything (it's somewhere in the archives). I for one am very happy he was denied bail and hope he goes to prison where his homo-erotic tendencies and foot fetishes will have another outlet.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

The suspense is palpable

There's nothing like hearing Liam Neeson's voice saying "Don't trust anyone" to pump up a heartbeat. And that's exactly what happens in the new trailer for Tak3n, the third Taken film from the popular franchise.
Neeson reprises his role as badass father Bryan Mills. He's framed for the murder of his wife (!!!) and must run from authorities — one of whom is played by Forest Whitaker — while trying to keep his daughter safe and figure out who killed her mother. A fitting task for Mills, judging from the first two movies. The film hits theaters Jan. 9. 


The King Of All Men Saw Something Drowning In The Ocean. And I Still Can’t Believe What He Did.

A few years ago, a brave man did something absolutely amazing when a large bear wandered into the ocean. He didn’t stand by to let it drown but, instead, saved the dangerous animal. A male black bear had wandered into a Florida community, roaming around residential areas, presumably looking for food.
After a report was called in, it was determined that the bear would be tranquilized and moved safely back to the forest.
However, the plan didn’t go as anticipated.save4-620x
After being shot with a tranquilizer, the bear panicked and ran towards the ocean to evade the officers. He started swimming out into the Gulf of Mexico in an attempt to escape his pursuers, but the further he went the drowsier he became.4016-934x
Adam Warwick, a biologist with the Wildlife Commission, knew he had to act fast. Without much of a second thought, he dived into the ocean, swam ahead of the bear, and blocked his path to open water.3723-934x
He knew he had to do something to save the 375 pound, 6 ½ foot tall animal, explaining, “It was a spur of the moment decision. I had a lot of adrenaline pumping when I saw the bear in the water.”save1-620x
Onlookers were shocked as Adam dived in after the bear. The nearly 400 lb animal could have torn him from limb to limb normally. But Adam didn’t find the biggest threat to be the weary, tranquilized bear.2555-934x
Instead, he stated, “I was kinda worried about walking across the mud floor and… getting stung by the sting rays actually, more so than the bear.” He also added, “I just wanted to try to get in front of him to keep him from swimming out there and drowning.”6B-934x
At one point, the bear tried to climb on top of Adam to stay afloat, but the animal was losing his ability to move his legs. The biologist stayed calm though, grabbed the bear around the neck, and dragged him 25 yards towards the shore. He said about the experience:save3-620x
“The bear came and waded in the water, and then he started to swim, trying to start to make the 4 mile swim across the harbor. And so I looked at Ron, and I said, ‘Ron I gotta go out here and stop him’.6F-934x
So I took off the shirt and shoes, jumped in the water, and swam in a direction so as to head him and keep him from going into deeper water. Once I did that, I got in front of him, tried to create some splashing and some commotion, and tried to get him to go back into shore, but he wasn’t having any of that.”7D-934x
After a good deal of effort, Adam finally got solid land under the groggy bear’s paws. Eventually, others also waded out to help the man and the beast, now only a few yards away from the shore. The group used a tractor bucket to take the bear back to its home in Osceola National Forest.7A-934x
Despite the dangers of what Adam did, he didn’t seem too shaken up by the experience, stating, “I got a few cuts on my feet from the claws and the barnacles, but, other than that, I’m doing good”.7F-934x
However, that’s not to say that saving the Bear was easy. He explained, “The scariest part was probably when he started looking at me as if he wanted to climb up on me in order to keep from drowning.save5-620x
At one point he reared up on his hind legs,” also adding, “And so I’m looking there at a 6 ½ foot tall bear, and, instead of lunging forward, he fell straight back and submerged for a couple seconds.”9D-934x
What Adam did was truly amazing and not something many others would do. And he’ll certainly have a memorable story for years to come.10F-934x


For Rich & For Poor: Weddings for any budget

Chinese sushi lover’s body riddled with worms after eating too much sashimi

Chinese sushi lovers body riddled with worms after eating too much sashimi
As more individuals take to eating delicacies greater incidents of risks are being reported… X ray of Chinese man’s chest riddled with tapeworm.
Chinese man has been riddled with tapeworms after eating too much sushi and sashimi.
Feeling irritated the man had gone to his doctor complaining of a stomach ache and itchy skin only to find out that x ray scans revealed his entire body had been infected with tapeworm after eating copious amounts of raw slices of fish.
Doctors at Guangzhou No. 8 People’s Hospital in Guangdong Province, in eastern China would surmise the man must have eaten sushi or sashimi that had been contaminated.
According to the UK’s dailymailresearch has shown ‘that eating raw or undercooked fish can lead to a variety of parasitic infections.’
Adds the tabloid: Tapeworm infections occur after ingesting the larvae of diphyllobothrium, found in freshwater fish such as salmon, although marinated and smoked fish can also transmit the worm. 
While cases have increased in poorer areas due to improved sanitation, cases have increased in more developed countries,’
Authors writing for the Canadian Family Physician would note the instance of contamination has increased with more people taking to eating raw fish.
Offered study author, Nancy Craig wrote: ‘The widespread popularity of Japanese sushi and sashimi (slices of raw fish) is a contributor.
‘But other popular dishes might also be implicated, such as raw salted or marinated fillets – which originate from Baltic and Scandinavian countries – carpaccio – very thin slices of raw fish common in Italy, raw salmon and ceviche – lightly marinated fish.’
Dr Yin, of Guangzhou No. 8 People’s Hospital, told the website that eating uncooked food contaminated with tapeworms’ eggs could eventually cause cysticercosis, when the adult worms enters a person’s blood stream.
This type of infection is life-threatening once it reaches the brain.
Chinese sushi lovers body riddled with worms after eating too much sashimi
Chinese sushi lovers body riddled with worms after eating too much sashimi
Chinese sushi lovers body riddled with worms after eating too much sashimi



Sir Roger Moore shunned scotch egg for ham hock terrine 

James Bond actor Sir Roger Moore stopped off for scotch egg for lunch in a pub on Friday according to Saturday's Torquay Herald Express. 

The 86-year-old, who played the 007 secret agent for seven films between 1973 and 1985 called in at the Jack in the Green pub in Rockbeare.

The former 007 enjoyed a homemade scotch egg at the pub, prior to his appearance at Torquay's Princess Theatre, they reported.

However, following an exchange on Twitter, on Sunday The Herald Express published an important update as to what the octogenarian had actually eaten.