Sunday, 18 March 2012

good grief
Here's a POV video of a fourth grade girl psyching herself up for her first run down an intimidating ski-jump. The tension mounts as she narrates her anxieties and checks in with her instructor for comfort, and the payoff -- a successful run and delighted cheering -- is all the better for it.

Somehow I doubt that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s singing voice sounds as good as the guy singing in this comedic spoof, but then again I can barely understand Arnold when he’s actually trying to enunciate every word, so I guess a vocal stand-in was necessary.

Batman and Robin- The Musical definitely would have been a bigger hit than Spider Man-The Musical for sure, if only because of this one line– “Batman-You Son Of A B***H!”.



From far away, it was a naked man pounding the sidewalk in public -- now TMZ has obtained up close video of Jason Russell's meltdown ... complete with four-letter words ... and the devil.

In this new video, Russell can be heard ranting to himself, dropping F-bombs, clapping to no one in particular, and shouting about the devil.

Russell was not arrested and won't be charged ... but he has been placed on a 5150 psychiatric hold.


How Real People Will Use Windows 8

By Alex on Mar 17, 2012 at 10:22 am

Technies are abuzz about Microsoft's Windows 8, its newest operating system that features a completely new "tile" design. Mat Honan of Gizmodo called it a "radical departure from anything Microsoft has done before." He loved it. Michael Miller of PC Magazine's Forward Thinking blog, was less enamored, but thought that the new user interface looked quite good on a tablet. J. Peter Bruzzese of InfoWorld downright hated it, calling the software "Windows Frankenstein."

Millions of people have downloaded the Windows 8 Consumer Preview from Microsoft's website.

But how would real people use Windows 8? Chris Pirillo of Locker Gnome put it to the test by asking his dad to figure it out without any help.

Priceless quote from the clip:

Dad: "Now who puts this out?"
Chris: "Microsoft."
Dad: "They're trying to drive me to Mac?


It’s perhaps the most pointed testament of all to just how long The Simpsons has been around that a compilation of all the Itchy & Scratchy “episodes” that have aired throughout the years is over 48 minutes in length.