Friday, 16 March 2012

Kony video destruction deconstruction by Charlie Brooker 

when scientology totally implodes I look forward to the equivalent Tom Cruise breakdown....


TMZ has footage of "Kony 2012" honcho Jason Russell in the midst of his naked meltdown in San Diego ... pounding his fists in anger and screaming maniacally.

As we previously reported, Russell was detained by police yesterday ... after witnesses say he was running around naked and making sexual gestures.

Russell was held on a 5150 psychiatric hold ... so authorities can decide if he poses a danger to himself or others.

A rep for Invisible Children says Russell was suffering from exhaustion, dehydration, and malnutrition as a result of a strenuous PR campaign.

'KONY 2012' HONCHO JASON RUSSELLDetained for AllegedlyMasturbating in Public [Updates]


3:26 PM PST: We just got footage
 of Jason's naked meltdown on a public street ... pounding his fists in anger and screaming maniacally.

2:15 PM PST: Law enforcement sources tell us ... there are NO plans to charge Russell with a crime for yesterday's incident.

2:08 PM PST: 
Law enforcement sources tell us ... Russell is being hospitalized on a 5150 psychiatric hold so authorities can assess his mental state. The 5150 hold allows authorities to keep Russell for up to 3 days to determine if he represents a threat to either himself or others.

1:45 PM PST:
 The CEO of Invisible Children, Ben Keesey, tells TMZ ..."Jason Russell was unfortunately hospitalized yesterday suffering from exhaustion, dehydration, and malnutrition."

The statement continues, "He is now receiving medical care and is focused on getting better. The past two weeks have taken a severe emotional toll on all of us, Jason especially, and that toll manifested itself in an unfortunate incident yesterday."

"Jason’s passion and his work have done so much to help so many, and we are devastated to see him dealing with this personal health issue. We will always love and support Jason, and we ask that you give his entire family privacy during this difficult time.”

The mastermind behind the now-famous "Kony 2012" video was detained by police in San Diego yesterday for allegedly being drunk in public and masturbating.

Jason Russell was taken into custody by San Diego cops.  In addition to allegedly masturbating, cops say he vandalized cars.

Cops told NBC7 in SD they received several calls around 11:30 AM ... reporting a man in "various stages of undress."

Sources tell us ... Russell was dancing around the Intersection of Ingraham and Riviera wearing "speedo-like underwear" ... and eventually removed the underwear and began to make sexual gestures.

We're told ... it appeared Russell was under the influence of some kind of substance.

Cops told NBC, "Officers detained [Russell] and transferred him to a local medical facility for further evaluation and treatment."

Russell is the father of two, and says he wants to have 9 more kids.  

Huug Bosse went in for hip surgery three years ago, and hasn’t been able to stop laughing since.

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8:45 AM PST -- 
Clooney was arrested for crossing a police line ... which is a misdemeanor offense.

Clooney was arrested by the uniformed division of the U.S. Secret Service ... but he's currently being booked into a D.C. police station.

George Clooney
 has been arrested in Washington, D.C. during a protest over the Sudan crisis.

Clooney was leading a protest in front of the Sudanese embassy in D.C. when he was hauled away by secret service agents.

Clooney's publicist Stan Rosenfield tells TMZ, "They were protesting the violence committed by the government of Sudan on its own innocent men, women and children. They were demanding they allow humanitarian aid into the country before it becomes the largest humanitarian crisis in the world."

Sources connected with George tell us he feels good about the arrest because it puts the spotlight on the crisis.

0316_george_clooney_subassetWe're told a dozen people got arrested including congressmen, leaders of the human rights community, Sudanese citizens, Martin Luther King III and George's father ... Nick Clooney.
Clooney recently shot a short documentary about the situation in Sudan, which he released on WARNING -- Video contains VERY graphic content. 


probably the best ad for mineral water I think I've ever seen.....


Men in suits base jump from skyscraper after failing to pay for cocktails

Four men dressed in business suits base jumped from the top of one of Melbourne's tallest buildings on Tuesday night.

The four ordered Negroni cocktails at the Vue de Monde restaurant on Level 55 of the 63 storey Rialto Towers before parachuting to the ground at about 7.30pm.

"They were in suits, had parachutes hidden under their jackets and helmets with cameras," restaurant owner Shannon Bennett said.

YouTube link.

"They really knew what they were doing." The men landed safely on the ground and had a getaway car waiting for them. The four did not pay for their cocktails before the jump, Mr Bennett said.


A private urology practice in Hyannis, Massachusetts, is applying to its services the maxim that “free pizza can sell anything” by offering one large pie gratis with every vasectomy.
To further sweeten the deal, Urology Associates of Cape Cod administrator Evan Cohen adds that, with the necessary post-op recovery time, vasectomies give men the perfect “guilt-free” excuse to spend time on the couch watching some March Madness b-ball.
As for the pizza from Surf’s Up Pizza and Seafood in Sandwich, it comes with your choice of topping. Cohen has a suggestion for patrons: “Maybe you can put some meatballs on it.” Ooooof.


First official trailer for the Tim Burton-directed, Seth Grahame-Smith-penned big-screen adaption of cult TV show Dark Shadows.